RCA To RCA Solid Silver Core Cable Gold Plated or Silver Plated Bullet Plugs (£80 extra for silver bullet)


Bullet RCA


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RCA Interconnects

We supply Solid Silver 99.99% Core Cable

Black or Red Sheath.

ADD Bullet plugs for £30

Pure Silver 99.999% Cores 
We only use the best sounding materials in our Interconnects. Hand made by craftsmen with over 30 years of experience in the High End Audio Market.

Our Cable

Solid Silver Cores
We use pure Silver signal cores in our cables, with PTFE dielectric, covered screened outer for full protection.

Quality Control
All our cables go through a strict quality control and are checked against our Benchmark cables.

Bespoke Cables
Our cables can be assembled to your specification. We can source all of the major RCA plugs to fit our cable and you can choose the length required.

Max Temp: 260C / Min Temp: -75C / Min Temp: -200C (with loss of flex)
Melt Point: 327C / Elongation: 350% / Dielectric: 19KV/MM Non Flammable