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Speaker cables are the most important connection between your amplifier and the speaker. There are many different types, materials, lengths and thicknesses of speaker cables to choose from depending on your needs. Your choice will have a big impact on the sound of your system and we are here to help you make the best choice for you.


What is a speaker cable?

“Speaker cable” is the cable that transmits the signal from the amplifier directly to the loudspeaker in an extremely accurate manner. In fact, each speaker cable has an effect on the transmitted signal, but the lower the impact, the better the product.


How to choose the right speaker cable?

Choosing the right speaker cable is something many people ignore and buy the first speaker cable they notice at a bargain price. As it turns out later, this is a big mistake that can significantly affect the quality of the sound you receive. Too long or too thick a speaker cable can effectively prevent you from listening to music in any acceptable form. So, how to choose the right speaker cable?

There are several aspects to consider to choose the best speaker cable:


Length of the speaker cable

Ideally, we should use the shortest possible speaker cable. Why? The longer the cable is, the farther the sound has to travel and therefore may not be as perfect at the destination. When purchasing a speaker cable, first measure the distance between the amplifier and the speaker. Also, be sure not to select the exact size speaker cable as the distance you are measuring, you must make sure that the cables between the speakers and the amplifier are not tight, as tension can damage or destroy it.

If you need a long speaker cable length, remember to choose a shielded speaker cable - metal braid layers reduce the influence of external factors.


The thickness of the speaker cable

To obtain the best sound effect, it is believed that the diameter of individually insulated conductors should not exceed 1 mm².

It is also believed that the longer the speaker cable, the thicker it must be to maintain the same sound quality.


AWG thickness

4 ohm system

6 ohm system

8 ohm system

10 (5.26mm²)

30m (100ft)

46m (150ft)

61m (200ft)


18m (60ft)

27m (90ft)

36m (120ft)


12m (40ft)

18m (60ft)

24m (80ft)


7,3m (24ft)

11m (36ft)

15m (48ft)


AWG(American wire gauge) - reduce as the wire gets larger.

Ohm system - the basic measure of resistance in the SI system.


Materials used to create speaker cables

When buying a speaker cable, it is definitely a good idea to check what material and how the copper wire is made. The higher the copper purity parameter, the better its quality. Good quality copper will give the right electrical resistance, while bad quality copper will have a problem with resistance. When buying a speaker cable, it is worth choosing models that have been silver-plated. Silver-plated cables are of much better quality than galvanized speaker cables.


Advantages of speaker cables from AF Audio:

  • All our speaker cables have 3 layers of shielding.
  • They are made of the highest quality materials.
  • Every one of our speaker cables is hand made with the best care taken to create each one of them.
  • Our speaker cables are silver plated on copper.
  • Speaker cables are suitable for all your audio products.
  • We can create a speaker cable according to your needs.
  • Products of the highest quality.

Handmade speaker cables from AF Audio

Regardless of whether you are looking for a speaker cable for a home audio system or a professional music room, you will find what you are looking for in the AF Audio assortment. If not, we can make a speaker cable for you according to your requirements and preferences.

We know the importance of the role played by speaker cables. Let us help.