Mains Silver Plated Cable


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You might be wondering why you should use silver cabling over copper? After all, some of you maybe aren’t sure of what your audio cables consist of, however, copper may be the most common conductor and there is nothing wrong with using a copper conductor however using a silver conductor silver has much more conductive properties and interacts with impedance differently. That is why when comparing both listeners can pick up the brighter sound on silver-plated cables.


WHAT IS a mains silver-plated CABLE?

A mains silver plated cable is exactly in the titles, however, if you would like to get more crisp and high sounding quality audio then you should use silver-plated cables. You may be reading this and thinking silver cables can be more expensive however that is why we have a mix of different types of silver cables, so you don’t need to hinder your listening experience due to high prices.



  • All of our Audio Cables are handmade and with lots of passion.
  • Our products are only made from materials that meet strict standards.
  • High-quality silver or gold plated cable plugs.
  • Our Audio Cables are characterized by high flexibility and resistance.
  • Our Audio Cables allow you to use the potential of your musical equipment or your home theatre system.
  • You can customize your Audio Cable.



Our handmade Audio Cables are worth buying not only because of their high quality but also because they are made by pure sound and music enthusiasts for other enthusiasts. 

A properly selected cable can significantly affect the quality of the transmitted sound or image. With Digital Audio Cables from AF Audio, you will take care of the sound quality coming from your device. Buy today!


If you are interested in Audio Cables tailored to your individual needs, there is no problem!

We can make Audio Cables to suit your needs, just call us on 07545 197766 or email us at info@afaudio.co.uk.