RCA To RCA Interconnect Cable


Do you love music, clear sound or movies? Do you like to lose yourself in the world of sound? If so, you probably have great or professional equipment. But do you have the right RCA Cables? Have you ever wondered how big a role RCA cable can play? To take full advantage of your equipment and enjoy the world of sounds, you need high-quality RCA Audio Cables. Choose the perfect RCA Audio Cables with us!


What is RCA Audio Cable?

RCA Audio Cables, also called “cinch” are types of cables used to connect an audio source. These cables are used to transmit both audio and video signals. They are used, among others, for connecting a home theater system, various types of players or game consoles. Depending on the application, RCA Audio Cables differ in the number of plugs.


How to choose the right rca audio cable?

When choosing the right RCA Audio Cables, it is worth paying attention to a few important features, such as:


In many cases, you can meet cables with nickel-plated plugs, less often you can find gold-plated plugs. Gold-plated connectors are more resistant and allow to significantly improve the quality of transmission and reduce interference arising on connections.

Also, you need to pay attention to the type of plugs that are suitable for your equipment. 


Appropriate shielding of the RCA cable will minimize the internal interference between the cable bundles.


Appropriate thickness and a solid layer of insulation will provide some kind of protection against mechanical factors that may damage our RCA cable.

Rca cable length

With increasing cable length, signal losses and distortions increase. For this reason, it is important to choose RCA Cables that best match the distance between devices in the home system. So, try to buy an RCA cable that is only as long as you need.


Advantages of RCA Audio Cables from AF Audio:

  • All our RCA Audio Cables are handmade and with lots of passion.
  • Products made of materials that meet strict standards.
  • All cables made by us are high quality products.
  • All our RCA Audio Cables have Solid Silver Cores.
  • High quality silver or gold plated RCA plugs.
  • Our RCA Cables are characterized by high flexibility and resistance.
  • Our RCA Audio Cables allow you to use the potential of your musical equipment or your home theater system.
  • You can customize your RCA Cable.


Handmade RCA Audio Cables from AF Audio

Our handmade RCA Audio Cables are worth buying not only because of their high quality, but also because they are made by pure sound and music enthusiasts for other enthusiasts. 


A properly selected cable can significantly affect the quality of the transmitted sound or image. With RCA Audio Cables from AF Audio you will definitely take care of the sound quality coming from your device. Buy today!


If you are interested in RCA Audio Cables tailored to your individual needs, there is no problem!

We can make RCA Cables to suit your needs, just call us on 07545 197766 or email us at info@afaudio.co.uk.