Bodhi Giant killing Cable

Written by Peter Allison The other week I was thinking about a cable upgrade for the XLR connections on my PS Audio Stellar Gain Cell Dac and the PS Audio M700 mono Bloc amplifiers. There were so many to choose from, did I go down the same TQ Black II speaker cable? Or try something completely new to me. I decided on what I already had and was happy with, a set of XLR cables made by a one man (and one lady, Jane Foster)) business and Audiophiles UK forum member, Andrew Foster who runs AF Audio. And to this end I E-Mailed Andrew, and was promised a pair of cables that would “Blow the bloody doors off” some of the “high end” competition. They are made with multi strands of Silver Wire, which I believe is not cheap and “other” things. Andrew calls the new cable, the “Bodhi” meaning enlightenment. The cable is a collaboration between 2 friends who met at the Daventry Hi Fi show in 2022, I will let Andrew comment...
“at the last UK Audio Show at Daventry which I was exhibiting at. A really nice chap named Eric walked in and asked if he could try his filters on our system, we said yes and they blew everyone away in the room. We have since met up on a few occasions. Just after Christmas we decided to make a cable which kept to the AF audio ethos (good value for money) but could go up against the big boys. I made my best cable I knew how to make, we then added Eric’s years of knowledge. This is done with a mathematical formula for the conductors, this had the same conductor configuration but with multiples of bundles, wow wow wow. The beauty of Eric’s vast knowledge of knowing what sound every single strand will reproduce we can now tailor each cable to the customers requirements.” How do they sound? Well straight out of the box and not run in yet...WOW. I am not one for using all the usual big and often over used Hi Fi Jargon, but... (All CD's are FLAC rips)   First up was “Wandering”, by the Japanese electronic genius, Yosi Horikara. The bass was just so much better I turned the subs down a notch (which I have never done before), there was just more definition in the various soundscapes, and personally I do not mind a tinge of brightness, and was half expecting it, but no, just the sound of the music been played Next was the famous album from music legends that are Dire Straits, “Love Over Gold”. Again the bass was so well controlled and more of it drums sounded more real, there was a separation of the various instruments that I had not come arccos previously. Next track is a “go to” favourite, “ private Investigations” , the solo guitar and piano shone out at the tracks beginning, as to those footsteps moving across the stage (and the Glockenspiel) Next is my favourite track from the Yes album “Going For The One”, the marvellous “Awaken”. Rick opening piano sounded so real, and more acoustic than it should, considering it was an electric As many will know now, I am an “organ “ nut, and a couple of years ago had the privilege of been at a recording of an SACD I sponsored, recorded by Jake purches of Base 2 Music, it sounded “so real” as well as the astounding 16Hz Bass, the Tuba stop used in the 1st movement of the Percy Whitlock Organ Sonata in C Minor (that I dedicated to my late father) sounded like I was there in Rochdale Town Hall. Next, female vocal. Melody Gardot singing the track Worrisome heart, (from the album with the same name), sax was incredible, sounded so real, as did the piano and snare. The vocal was all there and not bright in the least, or “breathy” as is usually the case in some female vocals. The penultimate track of Jean Michelle Jarres “Equinoxe” was next up. Again the stereo effects /soundstage were well pronounced, as was the air and separation around the various synths. Am off to listen to my favourite orchestral work, the famous Symphony of Saint Saens, a live recorded version of “The 3rdSymphony “ organ” which has that super final movement, (will probably need new speakers next, lol) The cables are on another price level to what I have, and should be considering the materials used...But in my view they are worth it just for the different sound signature they produce, and that will only improve when fully burnt in. Don't quote me, but I think they are the first set of these fine cables that are available commercially, so I have them here on demo, I will be buying them after the demo period is over. If there are any questions, am sure Andrew from AF Audio will answer them   oh that organ part has just started, wow wow wow Equipment used: Intel i5 NUC running Audirvanna with a 2 TB SSD PS Audio Stellar Gain Cell Dac/Pre PS Audio M700 mono bloc amps Amphion Argon 3 LS speakers TQ Black II speaker cable